Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Topps Update Recap

A couple of days ago i decided to assassinate some of the brand new 2014 Update.
I didn't bother recording this break because i was being lazy about it.

One blaster box plus 10, thats right TEN rack packs and still somehow i came up 24 cards short of a set.

I did find my first Yoenis Cespedes card in a red sox uni, so thats pretty awesome!

Parallels, Parallels, & more Parallels!

I couldn't image buying so many blaster boxes/rack packs and pulling these things over and over again. Pink, Camo, Red Foil and blah blah blah.

Me being a set collector the most annoying thing in the world is finding more of those things rather than base cards.

One "relic" i got out of the blaster box was this World Series patch card of Sandy Koufax:
These come one per blaster box.

I never really cared all that much about manu-relics but these look pretty cool and i am considering putting this set together.

Overall, i give this little break a B+, i think the set is really nice, granted it might have too many rookies i've never heard of, but hey which traded set doesn't? Ohh and those parallels. Lets hope someday in my lifetime, Topps will stop making these.

Next time i might just buy a complete 330 card set.  

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