Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Heritage Goodies

Earlier this week i went on sort of a spending spree on anything from 01-14 heritage.

the highlights:

Meet Andy Pafko. Now, i have no clue who this guy is. I only know his name because he's card #1 in the 52' Topps set.

I paid $20 bucks for this off ebay, i was actually very surprised i got it that cheap because in the past i've seen this card go for about $50-$65.

At $20 this is a "steal of a deal", and it'll really help build up my 03' auto collection since it's looking a little dry these days.

Prince Fielder is out for the season? wow, i almost forgot about that! Normally you don't see these bazooka mini's pop up online for a decent price, but this one did.

Paid: $7

It's the second most i've paid for a mini of any type with the exception of a 2013 bazooka mini of Andrew McCutchen.

I usually buy a lot of retail and i never seemed to find any of these in rack packs. Are they that difficult to find? I did manage to get two more different ones but......those results will come at a later time.