Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Variation Shopping

I've been having an urge lately of buying variation SP's for my flagship sets.
When you have a collection as big as mine, you tend to get distracted on what to get.
I haven't purchased any of these in awhile so i hit up ebay for these jewels:

Paid: $4

2012 Topps variations are pretty tough to come buy at a decent price, i gobbled this one up pretty quick at this steal of a deal.

Paid: $5

Paying homage to his two no-hitters, one of the best pitchers in the game today, also has one of the more recent great looking variation cards i've seen in a Topps set.

Out of all of the variations you're going to see, this one is a personal favorite to me.

Paid: $5

Another Tiger? Another Cy Young award winner.

This being the third in a row, i thought i could switch gears and jump to this year's crop of postseason celebration variations.

Paid: $6

What is there to say about NOMAH? Will he get into the hall of fame someday? Perhaps. It would be pretty awesome if it happened, im not completely counting him out yet, anything could happen.

2013 Topps Update decided to use past all-star game uni's along with other legend variations sporting theirs. Pretty neat concept. I've always liked the idea of looking at Garciaparra in his 2000 All-Star Game Jersey. I felt like it was just yesterday that AS Game was played.