Monday, May 19, 2014

Random Pack break: 2014 Bowman

Yes. I am trying something a bit different this time, 2014 Bowman.

Since my last blog post, i have been gutting that 14' Heritage set like a fish and now i am happy to say that it's been completed.

But now i am bored. Around the corner is Series 2, so i thought i would have a random pack break.

Product Review: 2014 Bowman consists of 220 base cards, a ton of prospects, rookies, autos, & parallels. I used to be pretty interested in Bowman probably up until 05-06'ish when they started loading it up with parallels and rookies i've never heard of.

My most recent "bowman pack purchasing" has been almost non-existent. I can't justify paying 3 bucks a pack for a product loaded with only a 220 card base set. I don't value this brand as a big set builder unlike i do with vintage,Heritage,flagship.

I also enjoy the fact that i don't feel like chasing after 1/1 rookie parallel autos of someone i have no interest in collecting.

So, i thought i'd share with you my only 2014 bowman pack break (and probably the only one i will buy all year) 


#39 Andrew Lambo RC - we're off to a bad start, another rookie i've never heard of. Perhaps one of you Pirates super-collectors out there would enjoy this one.
#51 C.C. Sabathia 
#64 Yovani Gallardo
#73 Tim Lincecum
#149 Asdrubal Cabrera


BM-SDP5 Jace Peterson Mini Refractor - now, i don't ever recall bowman putting mini's in their product. Is there anyone out there that can tell me if this is a first? It seems like a trend in the hobby these days 

Chrome Prospects: 

BCP19 Billy Burns 

BCP25 Kris Bryant - i am not too familiar with the prospects in this product, but i can tell you this is one of the "good ones" Luckily for you guys, it's up for grabs if you want it. Maybe someday in 2020 he'll pop up in a flagship set, who knows.


BP49 Isiah Kiner-Falefa
BP57 Andrew Thurman

As i expected, this pack was a total flop. I hope all of you enjoyed this, because it'll be the last time i open up a pack of this stuff. It's all up for grabs.