Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worst airbrushed card i have ever seen: 1978 Topps Greg Minton

Meet Greg Minton.

A career sub .500 pitcher for the Giants & Angels with a 3.10 ERA during a 16-year run. Mr. Minton also owns the WORST airbrushed cards i have ever seen in my collecting years. 

Usually when people look at 1978 Topps they say "vintage". When i look at them i say the same. My 78 binder is pretty empty except that i have the biggest rookie included in that set. So i guess that counts for something.

The 1970's had some really bad airbrushed cards. Aside from that decade, i haven't seen anything come close, maybe the 80's but these are lightyears ahead of them.

The 1952 Topps design is somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as designs go. Personally, i think 2001 Topps Heritage is better than the 1952 Topps. 

The reason i mention 52' Topps is because this card looks EXACTLY LIKE ONE.

I do not own this card, nor do i own a single 52' Topps card but if i did, i would put them aside and say that they look exactly the same. Never in my wildest dreams would i look at a baseball card from the 70's and compare it to 1952.

I was never too crazy about oil paintings on cards. I guess i wouldn't mind if it was 52'-53'
but 1978? Nah! im not going to buy that, doesn't help the fact either that he has that crazy look in his eye.


  1. That's insane. I'm not sure any part of this is actually a photo!

  2. I've never seen anything to confirm this, but I've long assumed that this started out life as a Black & White photo that needed to be colorized.

    One would like to think that an actual painting would be less disturbing than this.

  3. I was just loading my recent acquisition of San Francisco Giants Team Sets from the 1970's until now and came across this card and thought the same thing!!!


  4. Best Ever !!! I can't stop looking at this card. The reason is....a smile instantly emerges over my face. It just has a miraculously positive effect. And so I love it. There are approximately 12 cards I've collected over the years that have some intense emotional reaction. I thank the folks at Topps that made "these treasures" possible. Buy all you can and enrich the lives of others.

  5. I've also read multiple places that this was indeed a B&W photo that was colorized. The 1977 Rick Jones is the other one that comes to mind for getting similar treatment.

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