Saturday, December 7, 2013

2012 Topps Heritage High Number Wantlist

H650. Bryce Harper

Vintage Completion: 1977 Topps

660 pieces of cardboard complete!

i just popped my vintage set cherry!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ranking the BEST ALL TIME Topps Designs

It's been awhile since i've posted on here. I've been busy.

Busy still soaking in the World Series victory those bearded warriors put together in Boston!

So lets celebrate together by discussing my top 5 favorite topps designs of all time. I hope you enjoy.


2011 Topps

What was going on in 2011? The Cardinals surprised a lot of baseball fans, including myself.

There are plenty of reasons to love the 2011 design. It's the 60th anniversary of Topps, this set has by far the best looking legends variations, diamond anniversary parallels, did i also mention airbrushed gimmicks of Adrian Gonzalez & Carl Crawford?

Most red sox fans would agree that those two were cancers in the clubhouse, but Adrian owns the best airbrushed job out of this set.

With the team logos, colorful banners on the front, and the only Mike Trout rookie card i have, the 2011 lands at #5 for obvious reasons.

coolest looking set to come out the last 4 years.


1970 Topps

What was going on at this time? The Baltimore Orioles were on top of the world.

1970? Most collectors would find this set at the bottom of their favorites list. A lot more collectors would put 1971 ahead of this one.

I however, do not.

Gray borders, colorful photography, cursive names? whats not to like about that?

Home to the Thurman Munson rookie, this set is my favorite from the 1970's mainly because it's the first one that really got me into collecting vintage.


1955 Topps

Roberto Clemente, Sandy Koufax, & Harmon Killebrew

aside from being some of the greatest players off all time, this set holds some of the greatest rookie cards of all time.

I only have a whopping SIX 55' Topps in my set collection, i haven't put a dent in this set and i won't until i finish the 60's & 70's.

This'll happen in the year 2096.

Best looking set BY FAR from the 1950's, and YES i think it ranks ahead of 1952 Topps.

I have this sort of thing that facsimile autographs on baseball cards look great. Colorful backs, trivia questions, fantastic player photography, and the old team logos.

What is there NOT to like about this site?


1965 Topps

And the best looking world series highlight cards goes to, 1965!

Yes, 1965. I wasn't alive. The Dodgers were on top of the world, Sandy Koufax was still owning souls, and these cards were floating around for 5 CENTS A PACK.

You don't see that anymore, you only see the second best design of all-time.

How often do you see pennant flags with team logos on baseball cards today? thats what makes this set so unique.

With the players name blown up on the back with blue backgrounds, these designs actually make them LOOK old.

With March 5th right around the corner, i am very excited to complete this heritage set.

But that doesn't top the #1 design on the list!


1963 Topps:

This is the best, OF. ALL. TIME


Like 1965, the Dodgers were on top of the world & Sandy Koufax was still owning souls.

The home of my favorite Mickey Mantle card of all-time, and one of the most expensive ROOKIE CARDS of all-time, Pete Rose.

I'll probably pay an arm & leg for that card but i want it because in my opinion, that one is the key to completing the set.

Wonderful photography, colorful fronts, floating head rookie cards, yellow & cream-colored backs and you can throw in a black & white action photo, and a Topps Heritage set.

can't get any better than that, can it? 


2007 Topps
1995 Topps
2013 Topps
1962 Topps
1989 Topps

Monday, October 7, 2013

1980 Topps Wantlist

1. Brock Yastrzemski HL
4. Pete Rose HL
125. Tony Perez
213. Mike Jorgensen
219. Steve Mingori
220. Dave Concepcion
240. Dave Kingman
249. Jim Clancy
251. Kip Young
264. Bill Robinson
275. Jerry Koosman
279. Rob Andrews
281. Paul Blair
288. Dave Rozema
297. Tim Johnson
298. Ken Holtzman
341. Jim Essian
343. Mike Vail
348. Checklist 243-363
353. Andy Hassler
354. Rick Auerbach
355. Gary Matthews
367. Billy Smith
375. Ross Grimsley
415. Bill Atkinson
425. Mark Belanger
429. Duane Kuiper
436. Billy Almon
450. George Brett
451. Dave Garcia
456. Frank Taveras
463. Jerry Royster
480. Bob Watson
482. Rickey Henderson
484. Checklist 364-484
487. Wayne Nordhagen
497. Jim Mason
504. Gene Garber
505. Bert Campaneris
540. Pete Rose
566. Bud Harrelson 
577. Bob Mattick
579. Charlie Moore
587. Garry Templeton
596. Rick Matula
606. John McNamara
612. Cliff Johnson
615. Doug Decinces
620. Richie Zisk
621. Bob Grich
622. Mario Soto
625. Chris Chambliss
626. Sparky Anderson
632. Barry Bonnell
634. Glenn Borgmann
642. Ken Forsch
649. Tom Griffin
652. Mario Mendoza
666. Tigers Future Stars
667. Royals Future Stars
688. Steve Stone
691. Ivan Dejesus
695. Reggie Smith
705. Freddie Patek
712. Rodney Scott
715. Sal Bando
721. Paul Hartzell
722. Jose Cruz
724. Jerry White

[updated 3/26/14]

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1995 Topps Traded Wantlist

1. Frank Thomas AB
2. Ken Griffey Jr. AB
4. Albert Belle AB
5. Cal Ripken Jr. AB
6. Mike Piazza AB
7. Tony Gwynn AB
8. Jeff Bagwell AB
9. Mo Vaughn AB
11. Ray Durham
14. Kevin Gross
15. Jon Nunnally 
16. Brian Maxcy
17. Mark Kiefer
19. Michael Mimbs
20. Larry Walker
21. Chad Curtis
22. Jeff Barry
23. Joe Oliver
24. Tomas Perez
26. Brian McRae
27. Derek Bell
28. Ray Durham
29. Todd Williams
30. Ryan Jaroncyk
31. Todd Steverson
32. Mike Devereaux
33. Rheal Cormier
34. Benito Santiago
36. Jack McDowell
37. Mike Macfarlane
38. Tony McKnight
39. Brian L. Hunter
41. Brett Butler
42. Donovan Osborne
43. Scott Karl
44. Tony Phillips
45. Marty Cordova
46. Dave Mlicki
47. Bronson Arroyo 
48. John Burkett
50. Mickey Tettleton
51. Todd Stottlemyre
52. Mike Perez
53. Terry Mulholland
54. Edgardo Alfonzo
55. Zane Smith
56. Jacob Brumfield
57. Andujar Cedeno
58. Jose Parra
59. Manny Alexander
60. Tony Tarasco
61. Orel Hershiser
62. Tim Scott
64. Ken Hill
66. Lee Smith
67. Jason Bates
68. Felipe Lira
69. Alex Hernandez
70. Tony Fernandez
71. Scott Radinsky
73. Mark Grudzielanek
75. Jim Abbott 
76. Roger Bailey
77. Gregg Jefferies
78. Erik Hanson
79. Brad Radke
80. Jaime Navarro
81. John Wettleland
82. Chad Fonville
83. John Mabry
84. Glenallen Hill
85. Ken Caminiti
86. Tom Goodwin
87. Darren Bragg
89. Jeff Russell
90. Dave Gallagher
91. Steve Finley
92. Vaughn Eshelman
93. Kevin Jarvis
94. Mark Gubicza
95. Tim Wakefield
96. Bob Tewksbury
97. Sid Roberson
98. Tom Henke
99. Michael Tucker
100. Jason Bates
101. Otis Nixon
102. Mark Whiten
103. Dilson Torres
104. Melvin Bunch
105. Terry Pendleton
106. Corey Jenkins
107. Glenn Dishman
109. Curtis Goodwin
110. David Cone
111. Antonio Osuna
112. Paul Shuey
113. Doug Jones
114. Mark McLemore
115. Kevin Ritz
116. John Kruk
117. Trevor Wilson
118. Jerald Clark
119. Julian Tavarez
120. Tim Pugh
121. Todd Zeile
122. Richie Sexson/Brian Schnider
123. Bobby Witt
124. Hideo Nomo ROY
125. Joey Cora
126. Jim Scharrer
127. Paul Quantrill
130. Mariano Rivera
131. Tyler Green 
132. Brad Clontz
134. Dave Magadan
136. Bret Barberie
137. Bill Swift 
138. Scott Cooper
139. Roberto Kelly 
140. Charlie Hayes
141. Pete Harnisch
142. Rich Amaral
143. Rudy Seanez
144. Pat Listach
145. Quilvio Veras
146. Jose Olmeda
147. Roberto Petagine
149. Phil Plantier
151. Pat Borders
152. Tyler Green 
153. Stan Belinda
154. Dave Stewart
155. Andre Dawson
156. Frank Thomas/Fred McGriff AS
157. Carlos Baerga/Craig Biggio AS
159. Cal Ripken/Ozzie Smith AS
161. Albert Belle/Barry Bonds AS
164. Hideo Nomo/Randy Johnson AS

[updated - 8/20/13]

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Product Preview: 2014 Topps Heritage

With the recent release of topps' Allen & Ginter product, i pretty much have one more set im interested in completing before the year ends (Topps Update)

i know, i know.

It's still 2013 and we're all going nuts over A&G, but it never gets old to start looking towards the future, and it looks mighty exciting for myself and the rest of the heritage sets i've put together.

I love this 65 design, it's my second favorite design ever released by topps. 

You guys know the drill. 425 base cards, 75 short prints, and the same inserts/parallels included. You know what i say to this? GOOD.

this never gets old for me. 

Oh, i didn't mention this did i?
 it's also next years Topps' flagship design. First time i've seen the "Future Stars" in a long time.

not looking too bad for a guy who might win NL ROY. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

2002 Topps Traded Wantlist

1. Jeff Weaver
3. Alex Gonzalez
4. Jason Isringhausen
8. Brian L. Hunter
9. Dustin Mohr
10. Eric Hinske
12. Eddie Perez
13. Jeromy Burnitz
14. Bartolo Colon
15. Rick Helling
16. Dan Plesac
17. Scott Strickland
18. Antonio Alfonseca
19. Ricky Gutierrez
21. Raul Mondesi
22. Ben Davis
23. Nelson Figueroa
25. Robin Ventura
27. Kenny Kelly
28. Morgan Ensberg
29. Reggie Sanders
30. Shigetoshi Hasegawa
31. Mike Timlin
32. Russell Branyan
33. Alan Embree 
34. D'Angelo Jimenez
36. Jesse Orosco
37. Gregg Zaun
38. Reggie Taylor
39. Andres Galarraga 
40. Chris Truby
41. Bruce Chen
42. Darren Lewis
43. Ryan Kohlmeier
44. John McDonald
45. Omar Daal
46. Matt Clement
47. Glendon Rusch
48. Chan Ho Park
49. Benny Agbayani
50. Juan Gonzalez
51. Carlos Baerga
53. Kevin Appier
54. Marty Cordova
55. Jeff D'Amico
56. Dmitri Young
57. Roosevelt Brown
59. Jose Rijo
60. Todd Ritchie
62. Placido Polanco
63. Eric Young 
64. Chuck Finley
66. Jose Macias 
67. Gabe Kapler
68. Sandy Alomar Jr.
69. Henry Blanco
70. Julian Tavarez
71. Paul Bako
72. Scott Rolen
73. Brian Jordan
74. Rickey Henderson
75. Kevin Mench
76. Hideo Nomo
77. Jeremy Giambi
78. Brad Fullmer
79. Carl Everett
80. David Wells
81. Aaron Sele
82. Todd Hollandsworth
83. Vicente Padilla
84. Kenny Lofton
85. Corky Miller
86. Josh Fogg
88. Craig Pauquette 
89. Jay Payton
90. Carlos Pena
91. Juan Encarnacion
92. Rey Sanchez
93. Ryan Dempster
94. Mario Encarnacion
95. Jorge Julio
96. John Mabry
97. Todd Zeile
98. Johnny Damon
99. Deivi Cruz
101. Ted Lilly
102. Todd Van Poppel
103. Shawn Estes
104. Cesar Izturis
105. Ron Coomer
107. Jimy Williams
108. Tony Pena
109. Frank Robinson
110. Ron Gardenhire

[updated - 1/15/14]

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dodger Blue & The 100 Million Dollar Man

The 2008 AL MVP just signed a big contract extension with the Red Sox worth 100 million dollars over a span of 7 years, likely going to end his career with Boston. GREAT! That is exactly what i want to see.  It's fun watching a player like him take the field and giving all he's got to win a game.

The same day this deal was done, i added this beauty to my Pedroia super-collection. Normally, seeing that im a crazed topps fanatic, i would complete the 206 set. But im not. 

Why do you ask this? because there are too many variations to figure out and im too lazy to do that so im just chasing Pedroia. 

When you look at this 65 gem, what do you see wrong with this picture? The "LA" is covered in blue pen.
Normally i would not have this in my collection, but this is one of the very few exceptions.

This 3x Cy Young Award Winner is my ONLY, yes i said it, ONLY vintage card of him during his playing days. I don't have many Koufax cards sitting in my boxes, but this one is a personal favorite.

This design is my second favorite design of all-time (first is 1963) I don't have many 65 Topps and im trying to get a complete set. Maybe at this rate i'll have it completed in the year 2078, but this one will certainly make a big impact.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

1982 Topps Traded Wantlist

1. Doyle Alexander
2. Jesse Barfield
3. Ross Bumgarten
4. Steve Bedrosian
5. Mark Belanger
6. Kurt Bevacqua
7. Tim Blackwell
8. Vida Blue
9. Bob Boone
10. Larry Bowa
11. Dan Briggs
12. Bobby Brown 
13. Tom Brunansky
14. Jeff Burroughs 
15. Enos Cabell
16. Bill Campbell
17. Bobby Castillo
18. Bill Caudill
19. Cesar Cedeno
20. Dan Collins
21. Doug Corbett
22. Al Cowens
23. Chili Davis
24. Dick Davis
25. Ron Davis
26. Doug DeCinces
27. Ivan DeJesus
28. Bob Dernier
29. Bo Diaz
30. Roger Erickson
31. Jim Essian
32. Ed Farmer
33. Doug Flynn
34. Tim Foli
35. Dan Ford
36. George Foster
37. Dave Frost
38. Rich Gale
39. Ron Gardenhire
40. Ken Griffey Sr.
41. Greg Harris
42. Von Hayes
43. Larry Herndon
44. Kent Hrbek
45. Mike Ivie
46. Grant Jackson
47. Reggie Jackson
48. Ron Jackson
49. Fergie Jenkins
50. Lamar Johnson
51. Randy Johnson
52. Jay Johnstone
53. Mike Kelley
54. Steve Kemp
55. Junior Kennedy
56. Jim Kern
57. Ray Knight
58. Wayne Krenchicki
59. Mike Krukow
60. Duane Kuiper
61. Mike LaCoss
62. Chet Lemon
63. Sixto Lexcano
64. Davey Lopes
65. Jerry Martin
66. Renie Martin
67. John Mayberry
68. Lee Mazzilli
69. Bake McBride
70. Dan Meyer
71. Larry Milbourne
72. Eddie Milner
73. Sid Monge
74. John Montefusco
75. Jose Morales
76. Keith Moreland
77. Jim Morrison
78. Rance Mulliniks
79. Steve Mura
80. Gene Nelson
81. Joe Nolan
82. Dickie Noles
83. Al Oliver
84. Jorge Orta
85. Tom Paciorek
86. Larry Parrish
87. Jack Perconte
88. Gaylord Perry
89. Rob Piccolio
90. Joe Pittman
91. Hosken Powell
92. Mike Proly
93. Greg Pryor
94. Charlie Puleo
95. Shane Rawley
96. Johnny Ray
97. Dave Revering
98. Cal Ripken Jr.
99. Allen Ripley
100. Bill Robinson
101. Aruelio Rodriguez
102. Joe Rudi
103. Steve Sax
104. Dan Schatzader
105. Bob Shirley
106. Eric Show
107. Roy Smalley
108. Lonnie Smith
109. Ozzie Smith
110. Rex Smith
111. Lary Sorensen
112. Elias Sosa
113. Mike Stanton
114. Steve Stroughter
115. Champ Summers
116. Rick Sutcliffe
117. Frank Tanana
118. Frank Taveras
119. Garry Templeton
120. Alex Trevino
121. Jerry Turner
122. Ed Vande Berg
123. Tom Veryzer
124. Ron Washington
125. Bob Watson
126. Dennis Werth
127. Ed Whitson
128. Rob Wilfong
129. Bump Wills
130. Gary Woods
131. Butch Wynegar
132. Checklist

[updated - 7/11/13]

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ebay pickups: July 9th, 2013

I didn't buy much, but these are worth bragging about.

Gatorade bath cards are cool, this is one of the very few i have in my PC.
They're much cooler than those pie-face cards Topps released a few years back.
I picked up this beauty for 5 bucks. 

Not a bad start, considering i have a long list of SP's i want from this set.
now i have a grand total of 5 VARIATIONS!

Maybe someday this millennium i'll have my wantlist up. 

Yankee Fans will really hate me for this one. It's a piece of Forbes Field from 2009 Topps Heritage featuring a guy who ended their season in the 1960 World Series.

Or is it a seat?

It looks awesome. Infact, instead of looking like a seat, it looks like a piece of netting. Not quite sure though.

I've never encountered a "stadium seat" that looks like this. It's unique, that's why i bought it. But i have two different ones with the lead paint peeling off. 

I'll get to the bottom of this mystery and found out what this is.

Monday, July 1, 2013

2007 Topps Update Wantlist


[updated - 9/1/14]

2012 Topps Archives Wantlist

201. Don Mattingly
203. Willie Mays
205. Bill Buckner
207. Vida Blue
208. Frank Howard
210. Sandy Koufax
211. Wally Joyner
214. Mitch Williams
215. Brett Butler
217. Luis Tiant
218. Dave Righetti
219. Cecil Cooper
220. Ken Griffey Jr. 
224. Terry Pendleton
225. Ken Griffey Sr.
231. Jack Clark
232. George Bell
234. Shawon Dunston
238. Jose Oquendo
241. Bryce Harper

Reprints: any but the following:

52 Larry Doby
52 Bob Feller
53 Ralph Kiner
55 Roberto Clemente
56 Duke Snider
60 Brooks Robinson
62 Duke Snider
65 Willie McCovey
66 Juan Marichal
67 Fergie Jenkins
68 Catfish Hunter
69 Johnny Bench
70 Nolan Ryan
73 Joe Morgan
75 George Brett
77 Gary Carter
79 Eddie Murray
82IA Jim Palmer
84 Don Mattingly
86 Darryl Strawberry

68 3D: any but the following:

C.C. Sabathia
Felix Hernandez
Joey Votto
Justin Upton
Mickey Mantle
Babe Ruth
Al Kaline

Fan Favorite Autos: any but the following

Carney Lansford
Doug Decinces

69 Deckle Edge: any but the following: 

Mike Napoli
Joe Mauer
Carl Yastrzemski

82 In-Action: any but the following:

Josh Hamilton

58 Classic Combos: any but the following:

"Hollywood Hurlers" Koufax/Kershaw
"Red Sox Stars" Yastremski/Ellsbury

56 Relics: any but the following:

MY- Michael Young

77 Cloth Stickers: any but the following: 

Josh Hamilton
Steve Carlton
Jacoby Ellsbury
Derek Jeter
Catfish Hunter
Reggie Jackson
Cliff Lee
Kevin Youkilis
Andrew McCutchen
Roy Halladay
Ryan Braun
Eric Hosmer

67 Stickers: any but the following:

Willie Mays
Adrian Gonzalez
Jim Palmer
Tim Lincecum
Jose Bautista
Ryan Braun

[updated - 2/18/14]

2013 Topps Archives Wantlist

20. Albert Pujols
40. Prince Fielder
72. Harmon Killebrew
100. Bryce Harper
159. Troy Tulowitzki
162. Carlos Ruiz
163. Hyun-Jin Ryu
201. John Mayberry
202. Mike Greenwell
206. Tim Salmon
207. Lee May
208. Keith Miller
209. Dwight Evans
211. Tom Brunansky
213. Juan Samuel
214. Fred McGriff
215. Bob Welch
216. Jesse Barfield
217. Mookie Wilson
218. Darrell Evans
220. Ellis Burks
221. Hal Morris
222. Howard Johnson
223. Matt Williams
225. Kent Hrbek
226. Larry Bowa
227. Mickey Rivers
228. Delino DeShields
229. Hubie Brooks
230. Ray Knight
231. Kevin McReynolds
232. Travis Fryman
234. Don Baylor
235. Gregg Jefferies
238. Frank White
240. Darren Daulton
241. Fred Lynn 
242. Kevin Mitchell
243. Lloyd Moseby
244. Eric Davis

Fan Favorite Autos: Any but the following:

Vince Coleman

72 Basketball: any but the following: 

Matt Kemp
Reggie Jackson

89 All-Star Autos #'d to 10: any but the following:

Anthony Rizzo

83 All-Stars: any but the following:

Bryce Harper
George Brett
Jim Rice
Leon Durham
Andrew McCutchen
Darrell Evans
Carlton Fisk
Derek Jeter
Mike Schmidt
Pedro Guerrero
Paul Molitor
Rickey Henderson
Ryne Sandberg

83 Dual Fan Favorites: any but the following:

Dave Parker/Andrew McCutchen
Ruben Sierra/Nelson Cruz
Matt Williams/Buster Posey

Tall Boys Mini: any but the following:

Albert Pujols
Dante Bichette
Denny McLain
Eric Davis
Fred McGriff
Anthony Rizzo
Derek Jeter
Miguel Cabrera
Roberto Clemente

Gallery Of Heroes: any but the following:

Lou Gehrig
Miguel Cabrera

1960 Relics: any but the following: 

Victor Martinez
Nick Markakis

4-1 69 Stickers: any but the following: 


[updated - 2/13/14]

2009 Topps Wantlist

1. Babe Ruth
10. Rogers Hornsby
66. Ty Cobb
205. Honus Wagner
210. Roy Campanella
305. Thurman Munson
353. Cal Ripken Jr.
475. Mike Schmidt
490. Nolan Ryan
515. Reggie Jackson
520. Tony Gwynn
600. Greg Maddux
610. Paul Molitor
650. Steve Carlton

[updated - 2/15/18]

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

2012 Topps Update/Baseset SP Wantlist

600. Clayton Kershaw w/Brooklyn Dodgers Blue Jersey

1. Adrian Gonzalez
2. Carl Crawford
3. Josh Beckett
4. Nick Punto
5. James Loney
6. Kevin Youkilis
7. Jim Thome 
15. Justin Verlander SP w/Prince Fielder/Miguel Cabrera
37. Billy Butler SP w/George Brett
37. George Brett SP
52. Clayton Kershaw SP w/Matt Kemp
62. C.C. Sabathia SP w/Matt Kemp
87. Andrew McCutchen SP w/Suit
137. Josh Hamilton SP w/Ron Washington/Derek Jeter
144. Mike Trout SP w/Jered Weaver/C.J. Wilson
162. Yu Darvish SP
241. Curtis Granderson SP w/Suit
255. Joey Votto SP 
271. Ryan Braun SP w/Beltran/Cabrera/Votto
272. Ichiro SP Bowing
280. David Wright SP w/ R.A. Dickey
299. Bryce Harper SP w/Shirt & Jacket
299. Bryce Harper SP w/Chipper Jones
327. Chris Sale SP w/Jake Peavy/Paul Konerko

[updated - 8/17/13]

Airbrushed card of the week: 2012 Topps Update Carl Crawford

Ok, it's been awhile since i've been active on this blog, and for that i apologize. I've been busy working on wantlists and a bunch of other different things you wouldn't be interested in.

Most people know by the now the Dodgers stink this year. Atleast they aren't the Miami Marlins, but they still have the best looking road jerseys i've seen in quite some time.
Anyways, this is today's victim: Carl Crawford.

For a guy who was an all-star with the Tampa Bay Rays, to a some-what bust with the Red Sox (i didn't think he was there long enough to be considered a bust) and now currently with the Dodgers, owns one of the most overpriced yet coolest looking airbrushed card of him in the hobby today.

I never understood why Topps decides to short-print airbrushed cards seeing that they've been doing airbrush jobs to their cards since the beginning of time. Not that airbrushed cards are bad, just saying.

I would love to have this beauty sitting in my binder along with my 2012 set, but at $150 i'll try my luck out of hobby/retail packs.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Triple Crown Magic!

For those of you who follow my blog/read it, i apologize for such a long delay from posting and ranting. I've been my working on my wantlists and most importantly, mourning the loss of my fellow Bostonians from Monday's massacre. 

Now, I don't normally brag about every single big hit i get out of blaster boxes. I enjoy retail as much as i do hobby even though i don't buy much of it. You can find great hits in retail, you know how i can tell? because of the picture posted above.

I buy two boxes a year (topps heritage) from hobby and pretty much thats it. I probably SHOULD buy it more often, but i don't. I love the blaster boxes and i hope topps keeps making them until the end of time. I love them because i've pulled some great cards out of them including our most recent triple crown winner. 

I don't have many Miguel Cabrera autos, but this is definitely a gold-mine of win. I managed to find this in yet another $11.99 discount blaster at my local target. Thank god for blasters. If they didn't exist, i don't think i would buy cards as often as i do.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 Heritage is complete!

This years Heritage set is complete, 1-500 is finally in the books and it took me less than a month to do it. All i need are the autos/inserts & parallels. Someday those will be complete, but for now i will turn my attention to working on my Gypsy Queen wantlists. Stay tuned for more info.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Oldies blaster box break: 2010 Topps Heritage

Alright people, i thought i could rip into some old heritage this time particularly 2010. Now the reason i picked 2010 is because i never really bought any of this stuff when it was easily accessible at the time. (I am also thinking about doing one from 01-07 so stay tuned for that one)

I had the chance to buy my regularly scheduled two boxes that year but i didn't for some reason. I built my entire 1-500 set just from buying the base cards online along with the SP's.

Perhaps this is probably why i don't have many of the inserts/parallels  im looking for. Hopefully, something good will come out of this.

Pack 1

#412 Joe Saunders
#350 Scott Podsednik
NF3 Ham The Chimp
#393 Ryan Braun
#78 Jayson Werth
#406 Mickey Mantle
#281 Cody Ross
#196 Ryan Theriot

Pack 2

#500 Francisco Rodriguez SP
#396 Aaron Hill
#245 Ryan Howard
#362 Brandon Allen
#372 Ian Stewart
#26 Chris Tillman
#161 Madison Bumgarner
#207 Gil Meche

Pack 3

#234 Jeff Samardzija
#341 Brandon Morrow
#104 Jorge Posada
#363 High Powered Battery Halladay/Mauer
#120 Chipper Jones
#179 Chase Utley
NAP Joe Mauer
#311 WS Highlights Hideki Matsui

Pack 4

#131 Dave Trembley
#197 Gio Gonzalez
BF Luis Aparicio
#54 Daniel McCutchen
#27 Mike Fontenot
#167 Giants Team
#259 Jose Reyes
#44 A.L. Home Run Leaders

Pack 5

#125 David Hernandez
#80 Michael Cuddyer
#114 Buster Posey
#6 Ronald Belisario
#228 Mets Team
#417 Garrett Atkins
#37 Curtis Granderson
#38 Rafael Furcal

Pack 6

#418 Jim Thome
#302 Adrian Beltre
#338 Ryan Zimmerman
#268 Chris Young
#332 Ryan Langerhans
#233 Ian Kinsler
#96 Randy Johnson
#154 Shane Victorino

Pack 7

#487 Ichiro SP
#191 Travis Hafner
#246 Johnny Damon
#180 Robinson Cano
#373 Red Sox Team
#18 David Huff
#134 Jim Riggleman
#162 Johnny Cueto

Pack 8

#295 Rick Ankiel
#251 Jarrod Washburn
#364 Todd Helton
#316 Kevin Youkilis
#256 Pedro Feliz
#301 Ryan Spilborghs
#336 Francisco Rodriguez
#282 Koji Uehara

well, there you have it folks. I struck out big time. Eight packs full of cards and i only need ONE (NAP Joe Mauer) out of 64 cards. Anyways, all of the rest are for trade if you're building a set. In the meantime, i'll go drown my sorrows with 8 pieces of gum in my mouth.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to the family, Jose!

For the past year and a half i have had pretty good success pulling Jose Bautista relics/autos/boxtoppers whatever, you get the idea. I managed to find one of those 64 Giant boxtoppers in one of my two hobby boxes of heritage this year. However, that is my second favorite card of him. This gem that came in today's
mail i plucked off of ebay is number one.
For those of you who are new to my blog, i am OBSESSED with heritage. Everytime i see it on the shelf, i can't pass by without buying atleast one pack

This is my first of 2013 with hopefully more to come in the near future. Here's to another 50+ HR/100+ RBI season.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oldies blaster break: 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Part 2

Ok, i couldn't wait till later so i am giving you the results from blaster #2

Pack 1

  • MS-WM Willie Mays Moonshots
  • #121 Scott Baker
  • #112 Neil Walker
  • #278 Dustin Ackley
  • #37 Drew Storen
  • #191 Michael Cuddyer Mini Black Parallel 
Pack 2
  • #294 Reggie Jackson SP
  • #31 Ted Lilly
  • #218 Colby Rasmus
  • #56 Edwin Jackson
  • #127 Drew Pomeranz
  • #278 Dustin Ackley Mini Gypsy Queen Back
Pack 3 
  • HH-RC Roberto Clemente Hallmark Heroes
  • SS-EA Elvis Andrus Sliding Stars
  • #199 Casey Kotchman Mini
  • #125 David Robertson
  • #132 Brandon McCarthy
  • #291 Jarrod Parker
Pack 4
  • FS-JM Jesus Montero Future Stars
  • #258 Mike Schmidt
  • #242 Al Kaline
  • #83 Ryan Howard
  • #50 Miguel Cabrera
  • #278 Dustin Ackley Mini Straight Cut Back
Pack 5
  • MS-JB Jose Bautista Moonshots
  • #246 Willie McCovey
  • #230 Evan Longoria
  • #261 John Smoltz
  • #266 Carl Yastrzemski
  • #329 Lou Brock Mini 
Pack 6
  • FS-SC Starlin Castro Future Stars
  • #3 Billy Butler
  • #191 Michael Cuddyer 
  • #13 Anibal Sanchez
  • #118 Ike Davis
  • #246 Willie McCovey Mini
Pack 7
  • HH-NR Nolan Ryan Hallmark Heroes
  • #15 Asdrubal Cabrera
  • #178 Jose Valverde
  • #25 Doug Fister
  • #189 Neftali Feliz
  • #266 Carl Yastrzemski Mini
Pack 8
  • #170 Cliff Lee 
  • #200 Felix Hernandez
  • #142 Carlos Gonzalez
  • #55 Matt Holliday
  • #18 Jackie Robinson
  • #287 Daniel Hudson Mini Straight Cut Back

Oldies blaster break: 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Part 1

I ran off to my local target to scope out some bargain boxes, picked up two Gypsy Queen for $11.99

here is part one of two

Pack 1

  • MS-AP Albert Pujols Moonshoots
  • #278 Dustin Ackley
  • #37 Drew Storen
  • #222 Ryan Vogelsong
  • #33 Ben Zobrist
  • #49 Adrian Beltre Mini Black Back
Pack 2
  • #214 J.D. Martinez
  • #40 Ichiro
  • #2 Hunter Pence
  • #97 Ubaldo Jimenez Mini
  • #80 Ryan Braun
  • #221 Javier Vazquez
Pack 3
  • HH-JR Jackie Robinson Hallmark Heroes
  • #149 Ryan Zimmerman Mini
Evan Longoria Relic
  • #231 Andre Dawson
  • #227 Ralph Kiner
Pack 4
  • GS-CY Chris Young Glove Stories
  • SS-IK Ian Kinsler Sliding Stars
  • #104 Desmond Jennings
  • #285 Carlos Santana
  • #107 Chris Sale
  • #12 Brennan Boesch Mini
Pack 5
  • #145 Ian Kinsler
  • FS-DH Derek Holland Future Stars
  • #117 Marco Scutaro
  • #201 Allen Craig
  • #75 Ivan Nova
  • #77 J.P. Arencibia Mini
Pack 6
  • #48 Jay Bruce
  • HH-LG Lou Gehrig Hallmark Heroes
  • #153 Alex Gordon
  • #84 Freddie Freeman
  • #164 Brian McCann
  • #108 Guillermo Moscoso
Pack 7
  • #54 Mariano Rivera SP
  • #297 Lou Brock
  • #271 Jered Weaver
  • #262 Frank Thomas
  • #253 Cal Ripken Jr.
  • #297 Lou Brock Mini Straight Cut Back
Pack 8
  • #FS-MS Mike Stanton Future Stars
  • #212 Salvador Perez
  • #105 Pablo Sandoval
  • #146 Elvis Andrus
  • #74 Bobby Abreu
  • #78 Sergio Santos Mini Gypsy Queen Back
this also, was a bargain box win, keep checking back for the second box!

Oldies blaster break: 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter

Alright, so today i went on the journey to pick the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on blu-ray and i found a glory box sitting on the shelf at my local target on sale for $11.99.

I've had some pretty good luck ripping discounted blasters. I don't buy them that much unless of course they're topps products. For those of you who are new to my blog, i previously purchased a discounted box of 2012 Topps Heritage back in October. In the third pack i struck gold. I found a Clubhouse Collection Relic Auto of Clayton Kershaw #'d 8/25. My first ever CC auto. AND NO IT'S NOT FOR TRADE.

anyways, enough of me bragging.

Pack 1

  • - Checklist 3 of 5
  • -  #HH2 Colby Rasmus Hometown Heroes 
  • - Mark Buehrle Mini #181 A&G back
  • - #329 Alex Gordon SP
  • - AOM19 Hominini
  • - #248 Ervin Santana
pretty good pack, it's pretty bad when you start off with a checklist, but i can't complain. i need most of these cards, the Ervin Santana is up for grabs.

Pack 2

  • FF13 Floating Fortresses HMS WARRIOR
  • #336 Kevin Kouzmanoff SP two short prints i needed in back to back packs. this box so far is turning out to be a win
  • #3 Lou Holtz 
  • #242 Cheryl Burke
  • #34 Pedro Ciriaco
  • PP5 Portraits Of Penultimacy The Hare

Pack 3

  • HH90 Hometown Heroes Ryan Howard
  • #165 Jo Frost Mini

i know it's only Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but thats ok. It's a Ginter relic that i needed. Im just glad it's not some athlete i've never heard of.

  • #41 Carlos Santana
  • #124 Chad Billingsley

Pack 4

  • #HH26 Torii Hunter Hometown Heroes
  • #186 Yunel Escobar Mini A&G back
  • BHS-6 Jose Bautista Highlight Sketches
  • #90 Roy Halladay
  • #54 Austin Jackson
  • #131 Chris Ianetta
Pack 5

  • HH38 Andre Ethier Hometown Heroes
  • #342 Mike Pelfrey SP
  • #295 Chris Carpenter
  • #217 Shaun Marcum
  • #166 Geovany Soto
  • #268 Dallas Braden Mini
Pack 6

  • HH15 Matt Holliday Hometown Heroes
  • BHS-16 Dallas Braden Highlight Sketches
  • #199 Jake Peavy
  • #66 Starlin Castro
  • #154 Todd Helton
  • WMF1 Rasputin World's Mysterious Figures
Pack 7

  • UG5 The Amityville Haunting Uninvited Guests
  • #334 Gaby Sanchez SP
  • #183 Mike Napoli
  • #215 Andrew McCutchen
  • #22 Michael Bourn
Pack 8

  • HH23 Dustin Pedroia Hometown Heroes
  • #214 Elvis Andrus Mini Black
  • #119 Nancy Lopez Code Card
  • #178 Ben Revere
  • #298 Peter Gammons
  • #274 Stan Lee
and thats a wrap! overall this bargain blaster was a win, i needed most of these for my set.
stay tuned because i'll have another special blaster to break later in the week.