Saturday, August 10, 2013

Product Preview: 2014 Topps Heritage

With the recent release of topps' Allen & Ginter product, i pretty much have one more set im interested in completing before the year ends (Topps Update)

i know, i know.

It's still 2013 and we're all going nuts over A&G, but it never gets old to start looking towards the future, and it looks mighty exciting for myself and the rest of the heritage sets i've put together.

I love this 65 design, it's my second favorite design ever released by topps. 

You guys know the drill. 425 base cards, 75 short prints, and the same inserts/parallels included. You know what i say to this? GOOD.

this never gets old for me. 

Oh, i didn't mention this did i?
 it's also next years Topps' flagship design. First time i've seen the "Future Stars" in a long time.

not looking too bad for a guy who might win NL ROY. 

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