Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dodger Blue & The 100 Million Dollar Man

The 2008 AL MVP just signed a big contract extension with the Red Sox worth 100 million dollars over a span of 7 years, likely going to end his career with Boston. GREAT! That is exactly what i want to see.  It's fun watching a player like him take the field and giving all he's got to win a game.

The same day this deal was done, i added this beauty to my Pedroia super-collection. Normally, seeing that im a crazed topps fanatic, i would complete the 206 set. But im not. 

Why do you ask this? because there are too many variations to figure out and im too lazy to do that so im just chasing Pedroia. 

When you look at this 65 gem, what do you see wrong with this picture? The "LA" is covered in blue pen.
Normally i would not have this in my collection, but this is one of the very few exceptions.

This 3x Cy Young Award Winner is my ONLY, yes i said it, ONLY vintage card of him during his playing days. I don't have many Koufax cards sitting in my boxes, but this one is a personal favorite.

This design is my second favorite design of all-time (first is 1963) I don't have many 65 Topps and im trying to get a complete set. Maybe at this rate i'll have it completed in the year 2078, but this one will certainly make a big impact.

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