Friday, June 28, 2013

Airbrushed card of the week: 2012 Topps Update Carl Crawford

Ok, it's been awhile since i've been active on this blog, and for that i apologize. I've been busy working on wantlists and a bunch of other different things you wouldn't be interested in.

Most people know by the now the Dodgers stink this year. Atleast they aren't the Miami Marlins, but they still have the best looking road jerseys i've seen in quite some time.
Anyways, this is today's victim: Carl Crawford.

For a guy who was an all-star with the Tampa Bay Rays, to a some-what bust with the Red Sox (i didn't think he was there long enough to be considered a bust) and now currently with the Dodgers, owns one of the most overpriced yet coolest looking airbrushed card of him in the hobby today.

I never understood why Topps decides to short-print airbrushed cards seeing that they've been doing airbrush jobs to their cards since the beginning of time. Not that airbrushed cards are bad, just saying.

I would love to have this beauty sitting in my binder along with my 2012 set, but at $150 i'll try my luck out of hobby/retail packs.

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