Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Resolutions

2013 has come and gone. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, i was excited.

I've been getting a little bored lately of getting 2013 products with the exception of Heritage.
That is, if i could find any in my local Targets & Walmarts.

I probably should finish off the 2001 set, but i've been prepping up for the 2014 releases and i've been a bit lazy about it but i'll get around to it eventually. 

I have a few new years resolutions for this year as far as my card collecting is concerned.

#1. Stop buying Allen & Ginter
- i've been getting sick and tired of this product lately, too many minis, too many parallels, the only set i would be interested in collecting, is the autographs and NO i don't want any autographs of someone i could care less about, like for example Nick Saban & Barry Melrose. I just want strictly baseball.

#2. Dustin Pedroia Super-Collection
- Some of you reading this blog might be saying to yourself, "does he only collect Topps products?" Well, im here to deliver the goods. No. I am an avid Dustin Pedroia collector. I've been way too lazy to make a wantlist, i'll get around to it eventually. 

#3. Finish 2014 Heritage, Flagship, Update, Gypsy Queen Sets
- This probably should be number one, but it isn't so sue me. Usually, when i want to finish a Heritage set (with the exception of 2001) I finish with it in the span of a month. So this won't be an issue. Im sure i will have plenty to trade off to help all of you Heritage nuts like myself finish the set. So stay tuned until that glorious day arrives.

- Most people seem to like this design the flagship set has to offer this year. I've said it too. I think it'll be a nice one. Personally, im excited to see the World Series Highlights sub-set of those bearded warriors from Boston.

- Gypsy Queen for me is a FUN and nice set to build. Sure it has many parallels, but how can you hate those autographs? I think Gypsy Queen is better than Allen & Ginter, so i will be looking forward to this years design.

- Topps Update: This will be the last one to finish, i'll wait until October  to do this.


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