Thursday, February 27, 2014

Topps continues to troll us!

Im not into the whole twitter thing, but it doesn't mean i can't look! Most of you probably know by now that topps has finally released the checklist for this years heritage.

I've been waiting to see who the short-prints are and all of the other various inserts. 

I've also been doing some research on various websites/forums to see if anything recent had been posted. It has. 

the topps company released images of the following:

i hope you enjoyed looking at these, because i did. I will be doing a TWO BOX hobby break the day these come out as well as some retail.

stay tuned for more details!


  1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! Lovin' the Fernandez and Wright cards!

  2. The Prince Fielder card looks like the same photo as the Turkey Red....ugh.